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Manitou’s material handling equipment is designed to boost productivity in South Africa’s and Africa’s prominent industries, including: mining, construction, agriculture, warehousing, timber, forestry, defence and other specialised industries.

With lifting capacities from 0.5 to 35 tons and lift heights from -6.8 to 42 meters Manitou has the solution to all your material handling needs.

Get handling machinery perfectly suited to your needs and designed to boost productivity from Manitou, and benefit from nationwide service and support!

Perform many tasks with one machine – lowering the number of machines you need on site

Discover the benefits of using a Manitou machine in your application:

  • 4-wheel, 3-wheel and crab steer for maximum manoeuvrability in tough, uneven terrains and tight spaces
  • Large tyres for minimal ground damage and traction in tough terrains
  • Variety of attachments available to extend the versatility of your machine
  • Flameproof technologies for soft rock mining
  • Sales and support in southern Africa
  • Extended warranties available

Mining Equipment

Understanding that personnel safety is paramount in the mining industry, Manitou has created a range of specialised mining equipment and attachments such as: flameproof mining equipment, telehandlers, access platforms, scaling machines, tyre handling telehandlers, strut and cylinder handlers, trackless mining machines, conveyor belt handlers and winches. 

View our mining industry equipment

Some of our models for mining include

MI 18 D    MI 25 D    M-X 30-4    M-X 50-2    MT-X 733    MT-X 1033    MRT-X 1440 EASY    MRT-X 1840 EASY    MAN'GO 12    160 ATJ RC

Construction Equipment

Construction equipment from Manitou provides exceptional versatility and lets you perform multiple tasks with a single machine, without compromising safety! View our range of telehandlers, truck mounted forklifts, skid steer, track loaders, rough terrain forklifts and access platforms that help to speed up construction projects and boost profitability. 

Some of the models for Construction include

MC-X 18-4    MC-X 30-4    MT-X 1440    MHT-X 790    MRT-X 2550 Privilege    MRT-X 3050+    TMT 25 I    120 AETJ C    170AETJ L

Agriculture Equipment

Manitou's tough, durable machines will speed up your outdoor production! Our heavy duty agricultural equipment ranges from rough terrain forklifts, articulated and skid steer loaders, to telehandlers and track loaders. 

Some of the models for Agriculture include

MC-X 18-4    MAN'GO 12    1500R NXT2 ROPSS/Speed, S/Flow    2600R    1050R ROPS S/Speed, S/Flow    2150RT Closed Cab S/Speed, H/Flow    MLT-X 840

Warehousing Equipment

Manitous extensive range of warehousing equipment guarantees easy manoeuvrability even in tight spaces with increased safety for various warehouse applications. Our range of electric pallet trucks, industrial tow tractors, order pickers, electric lift stackers, forklifts and access platforms. 

Some of the models for Warehousing include

MI 35 D    MI-X 70    MI 18 G    ME425C    100 SEC    EP 20 S AC    ES 412 FR    ER16    EP15    ES C 510

Timber and Forestry Equipment

Increase your productivity with timber equipment from Manitou. With our specialised equipment, handling and logging has never been this easy. Manitou offers a range of telehandlers and compact loaders that cut costs and improve timber production with its rough terrain capabilities. 

Some of the models for Timber and Forestry include

MI-X 100 D    MXT 840P    MXT 1740P    MRT-X 3050+    150 AETJ C    170AETJ L    AWP 200 AETJ

Defence and Military Equipment

Manitou's resilient, heavy duty material handling machines have been designed to tackle the toughest military terrains. Our range of telehandlers, truck mounted forklifts, skid steer loaders, articulated loaders and track loaders, will not buckle or slow you down in the defence field. 

Some of the models for Defence and Military include

MI-X 40D    M-X 30-4    M-X 70-2    MT-X 733    MHT-X 790    MHT-X 10230    MRT-X 1440 EASY    MRT-X 3050+    80 VJR    100 VJR

Other Industries

Whether your application is in bottling plants, food and beverage or chemical-related, Manitou has complete ranges of telehandlers, forklifts, skid steer loaders, articulated loaders, access platforms and attachments that help to reduce your handling expenses and boost your productivity no matter which industry you're in. 

Some of the models include

MI-X 40D    ME425C    MC-X 18-4    MC-X 30-4    TMM 20 (Extensor)    TMM 25 (Extensor)    120 SC    150 AETJ C    170AETJ L