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Manitou’s timber and forestry equipment has simplified and enhanced lumber handling and logging applications. Increasingly efficient, rugged, easy-to-handle, reliable and comfortable, this equipment is both versatile and offers easy maintenance.

With exceptional lift and handling power combined with extensive reach and rough terrain capabilities, Manitou’s material handling equipment will introduce a new level of productivity to your forestry operation.

Range of Timer & Forestry equipment available:

  • Compact Telehandlers
  • Rough Terrain Forklift
  • Compact Loaders
  • Access Platforms
  • Cherry Pickers

Our new heavy-duty M450H mulcher skid steer attachment is now available for sale throughout South Africa. It offers high performance, high-density bush clearing!  Click here to view demo video.

We have developed a range of pitting head attachments for the forestry industry, developed specifically for skid steer loaders. Designed for effortless and efficient pitting in forestry applications, the pitting head attachment comes in a range of six variations: double or single pitting heads designed for manual operation, electronic operation and advanced electronic operation.

A range of standard and customisable attachments designed for bush clearance, sawing and log handling, including chainsaw and ripsaw attachments, convert these machines into the total forestry handling solution.

African farmers are increasingly seeing the benefits of Manitou’s multi-purpose equipment that can perform a host of farming activities despite rough terrain and climatic conditions.

Manitou is your partner for the toughest timber applications.

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Telehandler MT-X 625

Length: 3.89m
Width: 1.81m
Height: 1.92m
Weight: 4710kg
Power: 75ch
Lifting Capacity: 2500kg
Lifting Height: 5.85m

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Telehandler MRT-X 3255 Privilege

Length: 8.50m
Width: 2.50m
Height: 3.20m
Weight: 23986kg
Engine: Mercedes OM 924
Power: 231ch
Lifting Capacity: 5500kg
Lifting Height: 31.60m

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Telehandler MHT-X 790

Length: 5.27m
Width: 2.47m
Height: 2.48m
Weight: 13020kg
Engine: John Deere Stage IIIa
Power: 137ch
Lifting Capacity: 9000kg
Lifting Height: 6.84m

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Telehandler MHT-X 10130

Length: 6.14m
Width: 2.51m
Height: 2.99m
Weight: 18490kg
Engine: Mercedes Stage 3A
Power: 176ch
Lifting Capacity: 13000kg
Lifting Height: 9.62m

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Telehandler MHT-X 10180

Length: 6.65m
Width: 2.52m
Height: 3.00m
Weight: 24000kg
Engine: Mercedes Stage 3A
Power: 175ch
Lifting Capacity: 18000kg
Lifting Height: 9.63m

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Telehandler MHT-X 10230

Length: 6.99m
Width: 2.85m
Height: 3.05m
Weight: 29300kg
Engine: Mercedes Stage 3A
Power: 176ch
Lifting Capacity: 23000kg
Lifting Height: 9.65m

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