Manitou support Kempton Park SPCA

As more and more animals are being taken to the SPCA as a result of being lost, neglected, surrended or abused, a NGO such as this relies heavily on the community for support – particularly over the festive season. In order to assist these animals, Manitou held a fun competition at their annual golf day whereby it was decided that all proceeds collected were to be donated  towards the welfare of these animals at the SPCA. On the 12th of December, employees of Manitou made their way to the SPCA in Kempton Park to hand out dog food, cat food and accessories for the animals and staff. The team was met by very excited staff and dogs of the SPCA. After learning that they only had minimal bags of food left they were very enthusiastic to see a vehicle full of foods and goodies.   We are looking forward to new initiatives with the SPCA Kempton Park.