The sudden introduction of the COVID-19 lockdown implemented by the South African government at the end of March 2020 meant that companies had less than a week to shut down their operations with only essential services being allowed to operate during that time. As a material handling supplier to this industry, Manitou was able to act swiftly to offer support for the extra handling burden inevitable during the lockdown period. Losing no time, Manitou’s committed employees were set up and ready to work remotely from day 1 to support business needs. Our mission was to “let us support you while you support the country”. When the mining industry was given the go-ahead to start up again, Manitou SA was proud to deliver the 37th Manitou machine to a loyal mining customer in the first week of May. In addition to this, a MT-X 1740 mining spec telehandler from the Manitou Rentals fleet was hired to complete a short term job on another mine site at the end of May. Manitou is proud to have played a part in keeping our customers up and running during these unprecedented times and, as South Africa moves between the lockdown phases, we are ready to help companies rebuild themselves and the economy up again. While we venture out into our new “normal”, Manitou wishes all our customers the very best in their businesses. We look forward to working with you and for you again.