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In-cab Backhoe Skid Steer Attachment

In-cab backhoes from Manitou increase digging and excavating production and operator cycle times with a robust design that allows operators to adjust the complete movements of the stabilisers, boom, dipper and bucket, all from the safety and comfort of your skid steer loader. The in-cab backhoe attachment delivers a powerful digging depth of 2 850 mm, reach of 3 340 mm and 180° pivot rotation. Four bucket sizes are available, ranging from 300 mm to 600 mm for any size trenching job. This attachment is easily appended to your loader, and provides an adjustable control panel that delivers full unit control at the fingertips of the operator.

Special Features:

In-cab backhoe benefits
  • Control stabilisers, boom, dipper and bucket from within the loader cab
  • Dig up to 2 850 mm deep
  • 180° pivot rotation enhances operation