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Mini Backhoe Skid Steer Attachment

Mini backhoes from Manitou take full advantage of you skid steer loader’s mobility and manoeuvrability, providing an extremely economical and efficient tool for digging trenches and footings, without the need for stabilisers. Mini backhoes come in fixed and swing configurations, the use of which will depend on your application. The Fixed Mini Backhoe is quickly and easily mounted to your skid steer loader, and delivers a digging force of 1 766 kg to provide digging depth of 185 cm. Overall reach is 190 cm. The Mini Backhoe with Swing features in-cab electric controls to provide operators with precise control of the 140° rotation swing cylinder. This model offers digging depth of 193 cm, digging reach of 198 cm and a digging force of 1 723 kg.

Special Features:

Buckets of 25.4, 30.48, 40.64, 45.72 and 60.96 cm are available. Mini backhoe benefits
  • Dig trenches up to 1 930 mm deep
  • Quickly dig trenches and footings with no stabilisers required
  • Hoses and hydraulic couplers are included