Manitou's multi-purpose machines do everything on the farm

Struggle is something that no farmer has time or energy for. Therefore, today's farmers are counting on efficient equipment that can do as many tasks as possible. That is why farmers who pursued effective multilingualism stood at Manitou South Africa's NAMPO exhibition this year. Manitou is more than just a right hand for the farmer.
"The farmer wants to know if he can use a machine as a carrier, forklift, bale handler, big bag handler and if he can comfortably travel over rough terrain or on unsteady ground. One of the common questions that we get asked is if the machines can move in small working spaces because the farmers want the machines to fit into the barn "says Johan van der Westhuizen of Man-Agri, a Manitou dealer.
With their sixty years of worldwide experience and close cooperation with farmers, Maniou remains South Africa’s leading brand for optimal efficiency and reliability. All the machines (Manitou and Gehl products) supplied by Manitou Southern Africa are designed to handle material handling goods safe and sound. Every farmer that has previously purchased a Manitou swears by the Manitou brand because of its multitasking functionality and has used the machine to do various tasks outside of what the machine was purchased for. Not only does Manitou have great machines, their support team is available nationwide 24 hours a day and seven days a week to help customers get the best service.
Manitou's MLT-X 735 telescopic handler
"This machine handles materials such as fertilizer, silage, seed and bales. This machine is used for livestock farmers' feeders, "says Johan.
The MLT-X 735 telescopic has a weight of 3500 kg and can lift it 6,9m high. The travel speed is a fast 35 km / h. Added advantages of the machine is its high engine power that easily works smoothly with rough unsteady terrain. The machine has advanced power transmission and cooling systems, and the driving range and high hydraulic pump performance is a great asset for any farmer.
A wide variety of attachments make the MLT-X 735 a multifunctional machine. These attachments include the 4-in-1 bowl, feed hopper, crane arm, big-roof trailer, utility shovel, bale clamp, hoist cage and belt handler.  
The Gehl R260 skid steer loader with its variety of attachments has a myriad of uses, but the farmers use it primarily for deforestation. The R260 plays an important role in getting rid of indigenous trees such as sickle bush. “In the game industry, bush is a particular concern because the animals cannot move or roam freely in dense bush and grass grown areas” says Johan. 
The Gehl skid steers are designed to work hard in areas as such, while making the operator as feeling safe and secure within the machine. The machine itself is sturdy and can handle heavy loads with its powerful Yanmar diesel engine. “The machines are also used with different attachments for handling palettes and bales as well as timber,” adds Johan.