Manitou SA sells the first MHT-X 14350

MSA is proud to be the first subsidiary to successfully sell the first MHT-X 14350 to the Lumwana Mine in June 2017. The Lumwana Mine is a large copper mine located in North-West Zambia and represents one of the largest copper reserves in Zambia and around the world. Andrew Maynard, the National Sales Manager at Manitou SA, worked closely with Lumwana Mine for just over a year to successfully close the deal. The initial plan was for Lumwana Mine to rent the MHT-X 14350 through Manitou SA, but after much deliberation the decision was made to purchase the unit. The MHT-X 14350 machine delivery was estimated at one month, with 19 stops across borders until the machine reached its new home.  The delivery from South Africa to Zambia had to be carefully coordinated due to many roads regulations for weight constrictions, poor road conditions, height restrictions under bridges and of course the well-being for the drivers and the safety crew. After much anticipation, the MHT-X 14350 arrived safely at the Lumwana Mine, where Andrew Maynard did an official handover. Manitou SA is looking forward to a successful partnership with Lumwana Mine on future projects.