Trust we count our chickens before they hatch

As part of our corporate social responsibility campaigns, employees of Manitou Southern Africa,  recently took up the challenge of building chicken coops for our local community school - a school for disabled children just outside Pretoria.  Alongside the chicken coup,  we are also donating food towards the bunnies, turtle and pig in the yard.  The idea behind this initiative was for the school to be more self-sustaining by selling the chicken’s eggs to the community. In addition to this, the chickens and bunnies were placed in an area which will allow for active stimulation for the children. The school has  implemented certain tasks for the learners in terms of the maintenance of the chickens.  This  forms part of their work related routines and exposes them to the open labour market. Pathways Pretoria is a non-profit organisation,  founded in 2002 by an occupational therapist and a speech and language therapist along with parents who were struggling to find a facility that catered to the needs of children living with moderate to severe disabilities.  Starting in 2002 with a small playgroup, the Centre has grown substantially and now serves a total of 90-120 learners, children aged 3-18 and young adults with varied needs.